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Welcome to Dana Pomfret's Teaching Page

Click song titles on top left and right of this page to hear original student music, click thumbnails on the sides to see samples of student art and photography. Scroll down for information on
The International Youth Arts Collaborative (©Pomfret 2008)

Artist Bio
Dana Pomfret is a singer-songwriter, recording artist and multimedia artist from NYC, now living in CT. She has recorded for Elektra, SBK and Warner Bros., Int'l Records, and has released five albums of original music: Talk, Soul Collage, realtime, Tracks and Float (Fall, 2013). Soul Collage was released on Warner Bros, International (Tot ou Tard), in Europe, Japan and Australia. Dana has recorded and performed with rock legends David Crosby, Graham Nash and Danny Kortchmar, jazz bass phenomenon François Moutin, guitar masters Jeff Pevar, Steve Postell and Jim Chapdelaine, and renowned singer/songwriter Martin Sexton. She continues to perform in the United States and Europe, and is signed to a music publishing deal with Jean Davoust, Paris.

BA, English, Charter Oak State College, CT
Pomfret Multimedia Services, LLC

I'm currently consulting and teaching privately. Feel free to contact me for more info on multimedia arts and technology instruction (all Apple, all the time!), and scroll down for my full resume:
Have a great year!

Multimedia Arts and Technology Residencies: Overview
I travel with my own Mac laptops, iPads, headphones, digital/video cameras and art supplies - setting up recording/design studios onsite.

Programs utilize laptops and iPads, and include instruction in songwriting, recording/music composition technology (Garage Band, Logic), Adobe Photoshop©, iMovie, iBooks Author, digital photography, video, stop motion, art, photo-editing, animation, eBook creation, fine art, and creative writing.

I have extensive experience designing and teaching residencies which connect diverse, and often underserved, populations of students through the multimedia arts and cutting-edge arts technology, utilizing Apple software. Students assimilate essential technological skills, while fully engaged in the creation of original soundtracks, songs, video, animation, poetry, art and photo-collage. Culmination installations and performances feature their music, video, art, poetry and large-scale photo-collage prints.
My students are fascinated and inspired by technology - and it's proven to be the perfect doorway for intense immersion in multiple art forms. Students in my multimedia arts classes collaborate with each other, and - via Skype, Facetime, email - with students in Professor Stefani Langol's Multimedia class at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. Additionally, my students collaborate with internationally-known musicians/artists, worldwide, and with their peers in other cities and countries.
During video conferences with Berklee's multimedia class and with master musicians/artists, students perform for, ask questions of, give advice to, and share much laughter with each other. They, and the extraordinary work they make, powerfully demonstrate the arts' ability to unify people across cultural and socio-economic barriers. In addition, students improve multiple skills: among them critical thinking, literacy, numeracy, collaborative, technological, creative and social skills. Most importantly, when students reach through perceived boundaries to co-create, they promote and strengthen mutual respect, self-esteem, engagement, and empathy. Students leave these classes with tools essential to a 21st century, global citizen: grit, entrepreneurial skills, confidence, the willingness to think creatively, explore and innovate. They develop a strong sense of themselves as essential participants in the global community.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about the International Youth Arts Collaborative. 2014-15 Global Partners include: Professor Stefani Langol, Berklee College of Music, Boston: Kathleen Reen, Vice President for ICT Policy and Programs, Internews: Steve Postell, master musician and producer, Los Angeles, CA.
Residencies can be designed to align with academic curricula/CT Common Core Standards, and can range in length from a week, to the full school year.
Contact: for fees and availability. References available on request.

Alfred E. Burr Community School, Hartford, CT
Multimedia Arts and Technology Residency: Students use Apple technology/software (Garage Band, Adobe Photoshop), and fundamental art tools/supplies to create:
soundtracks/songs, animation, video, photography, eBooks, fine art, creative writing, large-scale photo-collage prints.
: Mac Laptops, iPads, Fine Art Supplies (wood, paper, paint, pastel, pencil, pen, etc!)
Instructors: Stuart Beckford, Art Educator: Burr Community School, Hartford, CT
Dana Pomfret: Multimedia Arts and Technology Educator
Collaboration: On April 16, 2014, our class traveled to Boston to work, in person, with Professor Langol's students at Berklee College of Music! In this year's collaborative program, our middle-school and college students used technology, real instruments and their voices to perform music and poetry for each other, and to provide live soundtracks for a slideshow of art and photography created by our Burr students. Video from this extraordinary session will be up on the website this Fall.
Using Skype and email, we also collaborated with master musician, and LA-based producer, Steve Postell.
Burr Culmination: On May 21, 2014, our installation and performance will feature a broad variety of original, multimedia student work: large-scale photo-collage prints and banners, soundtracks, poetry, animation, video, fine art and sculpture.

Professional Development for Teachers: iPad!
Teachers and administrators are flooded with new technology/ideas/requirements. They need apps that assist their creativity and efficiency. I've tested (and continue to test) hundreds of apps to find the game-changers which are the most reliable and creative, so you don't have to!
In-depth and overview classes. Instruction covers 4-5 apps, max, in each category: music, art/photography, video, productivity, and academic (english, history, math, science, etc.). In addition, I'll review iPad basics, demonstrate the easiest ways to save/share projects (email, dropbox, etc.), and help teachers use the iPad in conjunction with their Macs to create seamless presentations.
Computers: I continue to offer instruction in arts and productivity software for Macs.

Private Multimedia Classes: Ages 10 and up (FULL through September, 2014)
Creativity on steroids! Write and record your own songs, create fine art, animation, video, photo-collage (Adobe Photoshop©), lyrics, poetry. Work with arts-based technology - Apple software, laptops, iPads, video and digital cameras - and/or with paint, handmade papers, pastel, wood, metal. Focus on one discipline - or many. Dream it, then do it! Contact me via email:

2013-2014: The International Youth Arts Collaborative takes off!
Musician and multimedia artist Dana Pomfret and musician and Berklee Professor Stefani Langol take their ongoing collaboration to the next level.
Students from Hartford, CT, NYC, Berklee College of Music, Boston, and Paris, France, collaborate on music, art, video and writing. The final multimedia project will culminate with an installation and performance in one of our target cities.

RJ Kinsella Magnet School of the Performing Arts: Hartford, CT: Multimedia Artist in Residence
Designed and taught multimedia classes in recording, songwriting, iMovie, Adobe Photoshop and digital photography, with a focus on integrating arts and technology. Students collaborated to create songs, soundtracks, digital photographs, art, video and writing: producing original CDs, DVDs and multimedia art installations in support of their academic curriculum.
Kinsella's multimedia students:
• Created digital art, a photo-collage exhibit and music for the theatrical production of The Diary of Anne Frank.
• Collaborated via Skype with master guitarists Jeff Pevar (Ashland, OR) and Steve Postell (Los Angeles, CA), who then added guitar tracks to original student compositions.
• Created a permanent, onsite multimedia gallery at the top of Kinsella's "grand staircase.”
• Were treated to an multi-instrumental (guitars, banjo, bass, mandolin, ukelele) demonstration by Jeff Pevar, who Skyped with us from his home studio in Oregon. Students were able to ask Jeff questions about everything from his career as an internationally recognized guitarist (the long list of musicians he's worked with includes Ray Charles, James Taylor, Chaka Khan) to his preferred instruments for recording and stage.
• Collaborated with Professor Stefani Langol's multimedia class at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
A step-by-step breakdown of the collaboration with Berklee:
1. Kinsella multimedia students created original music and art using Garage Band recording software and Adobe Photoshop©. 2. Music and art files were emailed to Jordan Maley, with student commentary, at Berklee College of Music, Boston. 3. In his home studio, Jordan improvised and recorded sax/clarinet/flute over the original soundtracks and emailed them back to the students. Jordan also created slideshows, and soundtracks for those slideshows, using photo-collages created by Kinsella multi-media students. 4. On 4/20 Berklee and Kinsella multimedia students, ranging in age from 11-22, met via Skype to ask questions, share their collaborations, and to perform music and poetry for each other.

April 19, 2011: Kinsella Multimedia Showcase: 7-8th grade student exhibit featured original photo-collage prints created using Adobe Photoshop, soundtracks and songs created using Garage Band. Viewers saw the new gallery for the first time, and were invited to participate in the "computer train" - where students presented original work to viewers of the exhibit, and demonstrated their learning in Adobe Photoshop and Garage Band. In addition, audiences heard recordings of musical collaborations between multimedia students and internationally renowned guitarists, Jeff Pevar and Steve Postell. Berklee student and sax master Jordan Maley recorded on 3 Kinsella soundtracks, which were played at the showcase and at the Skype session with Berklee.

2009-10: RJ Kinsella Magnet School of the Performing Arts: Hartford, CT: Multi-media Artist in Residence
Around the World: Multimedia curriculum co-authored by Dana Pomfret and Elise Butson
Our students explored the evolution of technology throughout multiple cultures, from the beginning of recorded time to the present, in a variety of fields, including: the arts (musical, visual, literary, dramatic), communication, travel (from the wheel to the Concorde), medicine (leeches to lasers), cooking, language (hieroglyphics to computer code). Students collaborated to research the history of technology in their selected categories. Using digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, Garage Band recording software, iMovie, Final Cut Express, iChat and Powerpoint, they created comprehensive displays highlighting technology’s growth in their subjects, from earliest recorded history to the present. At project’s end, the audience moved through an interactive, multimedia installation comprised of original visual art (e.g., large-scale, photo-collage prints, video projected onto sculptural forms), film, songs/soundtracks, and written/spoken word pieces. Ultimately, the project demonstrated technology's development over time, in a variety of cultures, using that same technology to powerfully connect students of diverse populations: promoting tolerance and empathy through artistic collaboration.

2009-2010: Multimedia students at RJ Kinsella Magnet School for the Performing Arts connected with future multimedia educators at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, via Skype. Students performed for each other, sharing improvisational music, photo-collage, original songs, soundtracks and poetry.

MENC (National Association for Music Educators: NAfME), Providence, RI: March 12, 2009
Presenter, with Stefani Langol (Assistant Professor of Music Education, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA): Composition for All: Technology and Composition in the Middle School.
Presentation focused on work created by students at Lewis Fox middle school in Hartford, CT, which exemplified the multiple ways in which arts/music technology and creative collaboration can serve academic and student needs.

Hartford Stage: “Words Alive in the Middle!” Inter-district Grant connecting Derby, Smith and Hartford Magnet Middle Schools.
Designed and taught a visual arts residency using found objects, handmade papers, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop© to create 3-D art, illustrating the year's theme of “Renaissance." Culmination performance and exhibit: Hartford Stage, April 27, 2009.

Richard J. Kinsella Magnet School for the Performing Arts: 2009
Designed and taught a curriculum-based songwriting and recording arts residency, using Garage Band software to produce original songs, soundtracks, CDs.

NECAP (New England Consortium of Artist-Educator Professionals) Conference: Rhode Island School of Design: June 19, 2009: Presenter: Conference for arts educators and teaching artists, discussing and demonstrating the options and advantages of using music technologies, like Garage Band, in the classroom. The presentation was followed by a Garage Band workshop.

Lewis Fox Middle School, Hartford, CT
Received the Michael Jordan Inspiration Grant, in partnership with Lewis Fox Middle School. As primary artist-in-residence, I coordinated a unified arts project based on the book We Beat the Street. Students learned Garage Band/iMovie technology, introductory Adobe Photoshop©/digital photography. They created soundtracks, songs, poetry, prose, film, photos and art, based on the book, producing a CD, a DVD and a multimedia installation at Lewis Fox in May, 2008. My colleague, Stefani Langol (Associate Professor of Music Technology at Berklee College of Music, Boston), came to Hartford to film the students for inclusion in a documentary.

Hartford Stage: “Words Alive in the Middle!” Created multimedia arts residency based on The Diary of Anne Frank. This interdistrict grant joined Lewis Fox, Derby and Smith Middle Schools. Students created CDs, DVDs and art based on themes derived from study of the Holocaust: struggle, joy, courage, trust, triumph, despair, hope, tolerance, love. They journeyed together to Washington, DC, and performed at the culmination ceremony, which included their own film, photos, artwork, writing and soundtracks, at Hartford Stage, Spring, 2008. Student collage Joy, created in my multimedia class, was exhibited in Hartford’s contribution to the international “Exhibition Coexistence” project, funded (in Hartford) by The Hartford Financial Services Group.

Ongoing professional development seminars: Hartford Stage educational staff, Lewis Fox, Smith and Derby Middle School educators: The value of using arts-based technology in theater and in the classroom. Instruction in Garage Band, iMovie, Mac OS X operating system.

Greater Hartford Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT
Ongoing artist residency: 2004-2008

Specialized Instructor: Explorer and Fast-Track Media: Designed and taught multimedia courses integrating music (songwriting and Garage Band recording technology), visual art (digital photography, Adobe Photoshop©, iMovie) and creative writing. Students created CDs, high-quality photo-collage prints and DVDs.

June 23, 2006: NECAP conference: "Artists and Youth: Working Together to Discover Something New" at Wheelock Family Theater, Wheelock College, Boston: Presenter
"Discovering Something New: Artist-educators speak about how their own personal art work has evolved." Discussed the ways in which my students influenced my artistic process, spoke to the advantages of using music technology to engage students who were stressed by multiple factors (poverty, family issues, etc.).

Hartford Stage (2006-2007): “Words Alive in the Middle!”
Multimedia residency incorporating recording, songwriting, visual art, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop© and creative writing, connecting Lewis Fox and Derby Middle Schools. Theme: “The Evolution of the Word.” Culminating performance: 4/30/07 at Hartford Stage.

Hartford Stage, Lewis Fox Middle School (2006-2007)
Professional development seminars for teachers and teaching artists: multiple presentations on the value of using arts-based technologies to engage students in the classroom, and to support existing academic curricula. Presentations followed by instruction in Garage Band, iMovie HD, iPhoto, iChat, iSight, OS X.

Discovery Museum: Bridgeport, CT (2007)
Garage Band workshop for students participating in technology/arts week. Students wrote and recorded original music, took home CDs.

Pomfret Community School (Spring, 2007)
Multimedia residency: Garage Band, Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop.

Pomfret Community School (Summer, 2007)
Professional Development for Teachers: Presentation on the value of using arts-based technologies to engage students in the classroom, and to support existing academic curricula. Professional Development: Garage Band, iMovie workshop.

Farmington Valley Arts Center Summer Program (Summer, 2007)
Garage Band, iMovie, songwriting. Students created CDs, DVDs.

Greater Hartford Classical Magnet (Spring/Summer 2006): Talent Show Coordinator and Performance Coach
Classical Magnet Talent Show: Black Box Theatre: Multi-media installation and performance piece featuring original student music, rap, dance/choreography, poetry and large scale photo-collage prints, in Fast-Track Media and Explorer.

Pomfret Community School, Pomfret CT (Spring/Summer 2006)
Professional Development seminar for teachers on multiple ways to utilize Garage Band in a classroom setting, its advantages and capabilities.
Recording and songwriting residency for students: Instruction in songwriting, Garage Band software resulting in student-produced CDs.

Farmington Valley Arts Center Summer Program (Summer, 2006)
Songwriting/Recording master classes: Instruction in Garage Band software/Songwriting: student-produced CDs.

Connecticut Commission on the Arts: Teaching Artist and Interdistrict Grant Coordinator: 2001-2002

Teaching Artist: Songwriting and creative writing residency for the CT Commission on the Arts HOT Schools program, which connected Hartford Public and Rockville High Schools.
“HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Schools” is a comprehensive educational philosophy/program (learn more at The HOT Schools Interdistrict Grant brings students from urban and rural (or suburban) schools together through music, writing, art, theater, dance. The cultural starting point for the 2001-2002 program was the Harlem Renaissance. Students from the two high schools studied the rich literary, musical and artistic output of that period, then created original work based on themes of personal journey and rebirth. Hartford Public and Rockville high school classes co-wrote and recorded two songs, made a CD and created a book of poetry, which were cited for excellence by the state of CT and currently rest at The National Endowment for the Arts. Students performed their songs and poetry, complete with original choreography, at a powerful culmination ceremony at Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, CT.

Inter-district Grant Coordinator for the HOT Schools Program
Grant Coordinator responsibilities included: finding and securing performance and rehearsal space: coordinating all class schedules between Hartford and Rockville High students, teachers and artists: bringing in guest artists to augment the program: arranging for live recording within the high schools: coordinating rehearsal and performance schedules: managing payment for all artists/teachers.

About The International Youth Arts Collaborative (IYAC): © 2008 Dana Pomfret (New student video, art, music, writing coming soon on the new site!)
The International Youth Arts Collaborative connects youth in urban, suburban, and rural school districts throughout the United States and the world with their peers, with master musicians, artists and global leaders, and with multimedia technology students at Berklee College of music in Boston (Professor Stefani Langol). Using Macs/iPads, students from different locations, cultures, and backgrounds collaborate to create art, music, video, photography and writing. They share their work/files via connective tools like Skype, iChat, facetime, email, dropbox, the cloud, etc. Collaborating on multimedia arts projects, students and their mentors combine fundamental art forms with technology: songwriting/creative writing, recording, fine art, video/digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie.
At year’s end, instructors and students from participating cities and towns meet to create a multimedia installation that includes original music, spoken word poetry, large-scale photo-collage prints, video and dance. Those who can't attend in person participate using a conferencing tool like Skype.
We live in a time when our children often have little regular contact with the necessary wonders of the arts. Though countless studies have proven that students involved in arts programs strengthen their academic, social, and critical skills (among many others), government-funded arts programs have been cut. Our schools struggle to meet the requirements of basic academic curricula, and an ever-expanding testing agenda.
Empowerment has been defined as "a multi-dimensional social process that helps people gain control over their own lives." Empowerment is one of the first tools of positive change. Art remains one of the most important avenues through which students can discover and nurture an empowered sense of self.
Ultimately, the goal of IYAC is global: connecting middle, high school, college, graduate students and artists worldwide - using the web as a powerful tool fostering respect, and positive change. Tom Friedman, NY Times columnist and author of "The World is Flat," says: "We have created a global, web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work: irrespective of time, distance, geography or even, increasingly, language." Millions of people on our planet, however, are unable to access the internet.
This simple fact means a large percentage of the population is not, and will not be, prepared to live a successful life in the 21st century. Many schools, however, do have broadband capability, even if their student populations cannot access it at home. Imagine a site dedicated to connecting students throughout the country, and world, by giving them a virtual platform through which they can collaborate, creatively. Imagine this platform connecting youth and master artists/musicians/global leaders, through a potent combination of fundamental art forms and technology: strengthening verbal, written, mathematical, collaborative, social and critical skills while nurturing creativity, imagination, and respect for diversity.

Student Credits for Music and Art:
Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT

What Do You Do: Tichina Marshall
Truth: Dajavon Davis
Sad Days: Tichina Marshall
Kinsella Magnet School for the Performing Arts:
German Rojas:
instrumental collaboration with renowned guitarist, Jeff Pevar
Rafael Melendez: instrumental collaboration with Jeff Pevar and Jordan Maley (Berklee College of Music, Boston)
Michael Jordan Inspiration Grant: Lewis Fox Middle School, Hartford, CT
We Beat the Street: J. Williams, J. Hankerson, L. Nieves, J. Simpson
Tag: J. Williams, J. Hankerson
Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT
Can't Sleep at Night: D. Davis
ART: Students from: Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT, Michael Jordan Inspiration Grant: Lewis Fox Middle School, Hartford, CT, Derby Middle School, Derby, CT, Smith Middle School, Glastonbury, CT
Left Column, top to bottom
Brittany Shumpert, Cameah Wood, Clarisa Gadson, Tichina Marshall, Andrei Dufus and Shirley Jenkins, Elissa Riviere, Jermaine Ellis, Htfd Stage 'Words Alive in the Middle:' Smith, Derby, Fox Middle Schools, 'Words Alive in the Middle' collaboration, Brittany Shumpert, Shirley Jenkins
Right Column, top to bottom
Luis Nieves, Classical Magnet Collaboration, Theresa Mende, Nehemiah Gray, Sabine Riviere, Shirley Jenkins, Shirley Jenkins, Clarisa Gadson, Htfd Stage Words Alive in the Middle, Michael Jordan Inspiration Grant: Lewis Fox Middle School, Janeecia Gore, Jakar Hankerson

Dana is also an artist, specializing in collage and mixed-media pieces. She sells her pieces privately.

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