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What does David Crosby say about Dana Pomfret? David Crosby and Gram Nash praise Dana Pomfret
What does Gram Nash say about Dana Pomfret?
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Float features performances and co-writing by Danny Kortchmar, Francois Moutin, Stefani Langol, Jerry Martinez, Tim McDonald, Steve Postell, Jeff Pevar, Jon Peckman and more. It's been a great journey recording with all of these wonderful musicians - they brought the songs to life!
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Excerpts, Reviews, Quotes of Note

David Crosby:
‘Dana Pomfret is one of the best new singer-songwriters in America.’

Graham Nash: ‘Dana’s music opens an incredible window on the world of personal relationships, crafted from a very perceptive writer’s point of view. Every man should listen & thereby learn, every woman should pick up a guitar and rock out.’

Nancy Slonim Aronie: author of Writing from the Heart (Warner Books): National Public Radio Commentator: ‘She makes your feet dance and your soul listen up. This is a fresh and fiery talent to watch and hear.’

Stanton Swihart: Music Critic: All Music Guide:
(To read the whole review go to:, click on ‘album’ & type in ‘Soul Collage’).

‘When a singer-songwriter earns comparisons to the likes of Laura Nyro, Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell and fully deserves the acclaim, it’s only a matter of time before she gains a full grasp on her...powers of composition, and musical medium. On her second album, 'Soul Collage,' Dana Pomfret has already achieved such a level of accomplishment, crafting an outstanding record that rocks, caresses, stirs, stimulates, and seduces, by turns, and goes straight to a listener’s heart and soul.’

(AMG has a place for reader reviews - you can add-your-own if you want).

An excerpt from Stanton's realtime review: AMG
(, type in 'realtime')

‘realtime’ exquisitely confirms that the near-flawlessness of its predecessor (‘Soul Collage’) was not fortuitous. In fact, to at least an equal degree as ‘Soul Collage,’ it generously rewards repeated and careful listening...
Within the unmistakably pop-based formats, the compositions freely and organically explore jazz and world-specific impulses and avenues, and are allowed to take shape at their own easygoing paces. In the process, they are propelled by a supremely luscious instrumental interplay.
Most of ‘realtime’ was recorded with a regular, working quartet, and it really flexes its muscle here. The catalyst is often the virtuoso acoustic bass of genuine jazzbo François Moutin, but Jim Chapdelaine, the album’s co-producer, also coaxes some impressive solos (particularly on the jaunty 'Take It Back to Love') out of a variety of guitars.
Fresh musical textures aside, Pomfret still exudes her easy, alluring sensuality and has an ear impeccably attuned to the inflections of soul, gospel, and folk.
A bravura accomplishment.

Ed McKeon - New Britain Herald - realtime
'Beautiful sounds & stunning songs...Pomfret can torch her way through a ballad, or scat her way through a blues, whether it’s Carole King’s "Take a Giant Step" or her own"lifecrazy." The songs examine the darker themes of loneliness, lack of power and love lost, but they never get mired in the morose, and in the case of the amazing "On the Wire," which Pomfret co-wrote with Moutin, she revels in the joy of the moment.'

Eric R. Danton, rock critic for the Hartford Courant:
"Singer Dana Pomfret and her band rocked the show. 'Can you imagine — they’re this hot this early in the morning,’ host McKeon said, ‘or is it late?' "

Jeff Gemmill: To read Jeff’s reviews/interviews, go to:

Jeff recently named Dana's 3rd album, realtime, one of his top 5 picks of the year! Here's what he has to say:
‘A wonderful, warm album spiced by Dana’s absolutely to-die-for vocals. I swear to God she could sing the telephone directory and I’d be thrilled. Add in real songs - such as the yin-yang ode ‘Devils & Gods,’ the sly story-song ‘Lucky,’ or (my favorite) ‘lifecrazy’ - and, simply put, it’s just damn good. The short and sweet version it. you won’t be disappointed.’

To read Jeff's entire Soul Collage review/interview, go to:

'Like many of the albums--CPR's, Stacey Earle's, etc.--reviewed within these pages, this one stands head-and-shoulders above the ‘product’ the major labels and today's static radio stations routinely push at consumers?’In the '50s they had the hula hoop’ - Dana's vocals immediately swoop in, and swoop you into the groove from the get-go. The first song, ‘Buttermilk Highway,’ hitches a hook-laden ride into a then-now comparison of the '50s and the present. A lot's changed. A lot hasn't: ‘Riding high on a buttermilk highway/Keepin' tight on a jigger of gin/On our way to the pearly skyway/Pass the buck and I know I'm in... "Buttermilk Highway" makes you think--as well as hum its chorus while walking down the hallway at work. The rest of the album's just as potent as that opening track.'

European online review at:
''..a really cool girl singer-songwriter...a cross between Bonnie Raitt & Vonda Shephard...'

Relix Magazine: Mick Skidmore: Soul Collage:
Any songwriter who gets endorsed by David Crosby and GrahamNash shouldn’t be ignored. NYC-based songwriter Dana Pomfret is one such artist. Her CD, Soul Collage, shows that her talents stand on their own merits despite cameo appearances by both Crosby and Nash (“Permanent Bitter Pill”) and frequent contributions by Jeff Pevar, Crosby’s musical partner/guitarist. The opening cut, “Buttermilk Highway,” is a real gem. Equally impressive is the haunting “Girls In Their Cars,” which highlights the range of Pomfret’s voice and her commanding vocal style.

all words:art:music © dana pomfret

Dana, Jeff Pevar & François Moutin play the Calvin Theater, Northampton, MA:
Photo: Buzz Persons

Dana & François Moutin at Club Iota, Arlington, VA
Photo: Steven Lowy

Dana at Milestones, Rochester, NY Photo: Mike Meagher

Dana & Marina Belica - soundcheck at Milestones, Rochester, NY
Photo: Steven Lowy

Dana, Deborah Newallo, Jim Chapdelaine at The Bottom Line, NYC
Photo: Steven Lowy

Dana at Wilde Auditorium, U of Htfd, CT
Photo: Steven Lowy

Dana, Marina Belica, Deborah Newallo, Mark Epstein, Ben Butler, Tom Curiano play The Barre Opera House, Barre, VT
Photo: Steven Lowy

Dana & Marina Belica at The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Photo: Steven Lowy

Photo: Jeff Pevar

Photo: Jeff Pevar
"Soul Collage" harmony vocal session. David Crosby, Graham Nash & Dana